What to eat in Bagan for lunch

What to eat in Bagan for lunch

When you reach for bagan for first time and you are wondering what to eat around in bagan for lunch ? 

I have some some suggestion for you to try . Why don't you try myanmar traditional lunch in Bagan. They are really nice even for local people. Here is the list of resturanants for myanmar traditional lunch.

1. Bagan Tharapa 3 resturant 

Which is around tharapa gate and very tiny resturant under tamarind tree, you can get rice , burmese style fried chicken , tamarind salad and bean soup. You can get other variety of burmese curries as well .

2. King sithu resturant

If you are looking for a resturant which is next to river with bagan theme decoration, It is the place you must go . Sitting next to irrawaddy river and having delicous myanmar tradition lunch will makes you unforgentable lunch in Myanmar.