Activities in Myanmar

Activities in Myanmar

Myanmar is not just a Golden Land, it is filled with beautiful destinations, wonderful activities and thrilling experience. Let me give you a few tips if you are about to go Myanmar.

Choose your Favourite Beach

Beaches in Myanmar have their own taste to enjoy. There are even some beaches recently explored. The most famous one is Ngapali, of course, which is one of the most beautiful in Asia. But there are still some reasons why you should go other beaches, too.

Chaung-tha – if you prefer plenty of food than the beauty of beach, you should choose this. The accommodation and transportation charges are also the cheapest out of 3 beaches. Most locals go there but the beaches become a bit dirty and you can even see trashes on beach sometimes.

Ngwe Saung – has cleaner and more beautiful beach but there are not many vendors or restaurants. Transporation charges is still the same as Chaung-tha but hotel price will be a bit higher. In my opinion, it is the best choice of all 3 beaches.

Ngapali – is the most well-known beach in Myanmar. You can go there by bus that will take around 18 hours and very tiring. Flight will be the alternative which is a bit pricy though. Accommodation will also charge higher than the above two beaches but it has less crowded, clean and most beautiful beach.


Trekking and Visiting ethnic villages at Mt. Victoria

Pleasant weather and ethnic culture may be the reason why I personally like this mountain. You can have a great view even from your hotel room and also along the trekking route to the peak of the mountain. I would suggest you to visit with the help of local guide so you can visit the nearby villages to learn ethnic culture.

We have a blog about Mt. Victoria. You can visit here.

Golden Rock

A popular pilgrimage site which is around 5-hour drive from Yangon. It is famous for its history and a belief that if you went there three consecutive times a year and make only one wish, it will come true. But it is extremely crowded in peak season so it will be better in off-peak season.

Kalaw Hiking & Trekking

Kalaw is a beautiful hill town with pleasant weather located in Shan State. Both local and international travellers like Kalaw because it has the best weather, neither too cold nor too hot, compared with other places in Myanmar.

It is also an ideal place for soft trekkers and the tough one, because there is mountains nearby and a long trekking route to Inle. We have a blog about Kalaw Trekking for you.

Inle – Floating Islands

It is the second largest lake in Myanmar after Inn Daw Gyi Lake in Kachin State. Inle lake is famous for its floating islands, cultural handicrafts and also leg rowers. But you will rarely see leg-rowers if there is no special ceremonies.

Bagan Pilgrimage

Bagan – which is inscribed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage in July 2019 was the capital of Bagan Kingdom starting from 9th to 13th century. As the time changes, many of the temples and monasteries are destructed by natural disasters but some of them are still surviving.

If you think you will feel bored of visiting temples and monasteries, you are completely wrong. Ballooning, visiting the villages, tasting traditional food and even E-bike riding in the Bagan will make you refresh and renew your soul.

You can learn more about Bagan here.

Mount Popa

An extinct volcano 1518 meters above sea level is located near Bagan pilgrimage site. It is popular for many spirit temples. Green environment and gentle breeze will help you relax when you reach the top of the mountain. 

Yangon – Commercial City

It is the commercial city and the most bustling of Myanmar. When you come to Myanmar, Yangon will probably be the first city you will reach. Traditional Food, Colonial Buildings, Religious Buildings for all religions and hospitable local people will be the attraction why you should spend some time in Yangon.

A blog about Yangon is here.

Mandalay – Cultural City

It is the second most crowded city in Myanmar. It is the capital of KongBaung dynasty and still remain as the cultural city of Myanmar because of the ancient heritages like Mandalay Palace, Man-Made Lake called “Kyone”, Shwe NanDaw Monstery, Maha Myat Muni Temple and other cultural religious attractions.

Here is a blog about the things to know about Mandalay. You can go and visit here.

Pha-auk Meditation Center

A well-known meditation retreats which is located on the outskirts of Mawlamyaing. Monks, nuns and other visitors including foreigners come here to meditate, learn Dhama and seeking for peace inside their mind.

If you are interested, this blog will provide you an overview of Pha – auk Meditation Center.

Myeik Archipaelago Sea Activities

It is composed with over 800 islands. There are many islands accessible by boat and some of them are recently explored. For Transportation, you can choose 1 hour Flight or around 22 hours Bus. When you get there, get one the yachts or boats to wander around and try the marine activities like Kayaking, Snorkeling. It is not just the sea activities, you can hike up to the tropical valley and experience the wildlife. Sea gypsies called Salone who are master at free diving are one of the attractions of Myeik archipaelago.