Bagan Attractions

Bagan is full of attractions and landmarks you can’t finish in one or two days.Below we would like to share about the most famous ones.

The Ananda Temple:        has the greatest architecture.

The Dhammayangyi:        is the most massive temple.

The Thatbyinnyu:              is the highest temple in Bagan.

They are temples that are famous for their significance.

Four Buddha Tooth Relic Pagodas

LawKa Nandar

A stupa with Buddha relic inside, located at New Bagan besides the Ayeyarwady river. You can also see the sunset view.

Shwezigon Pagoda

It was built in 1102 AD and it is believed to enshrine a bone and tooth of Buddha.

Tantkyi Taung

It is located across the Ayeyarwady river and it is believed to have four tooth relics of Buddha.

TuYin Taung

It was built on a 25 million-years-old sandstone hill in AD 1059.

Myanmar people have a strong belief that if you go and make only one wish at these four pagoda, your wish will come true. If you want to, you have to wake up early in the morning  4:00 or 5:00 am.


Shwe San Taw Pagoda

It is famous for its sunset view at the top of staircases but now temporarily closed to protect damage from overweight.

Bu Paya

Its name comes from its gourd-like shape and one of three pagodas located at the side of the river.

Thisa Wadi Temple

It is one of the temples where you see the sunset view                                       

You can visit the above places with bicycles, horse carts but I recommend riding your own E-bike so you can go everywhere you want. The fees will be between 6000MMK-8000MMK for one day.


Nearby Attractions


It is 50 km(45 min) drive away from Bagan. It is an extinct volcano that erupted over 3200 years ago for the last time. You can also stay at Popa Mountain Resort if you want to relax.

Bagan Village Tour

A visit to Minnanthu Village to see weaver, smith, jewel making and pottery business. You can see seasonal crops planted on the way to other villages.

Mandalay Cruise

The cruise usually sets off around 5 am and reaches Mandalay in the evening around 6:00 pm.

Hot Air Balloon

It will take about one hour on the balloon and you will be provided transfer to your hotel and complimentary breakfast.