Hpa An - A Combination of Nature and Romance

Hpa An - A Combination of Nature and Romance
Hpa - An

Hpa – An is located in Karen State which is about 289 kilometers away from Yangon. So, it won’t take much time to experience the amazing nature and attractions in Hpa – an. The major attractions of Hpa – an city are scenic view of mountain, hot spring, natural limestone caves and ancient Buddha statue in these caves.

There are direct buses to go to Hpa-an and it is only 6-hour drive away from Yangon. You can get your ticket here in Myanmar Bus Ticket.

Mount Zwegapin

It is 722 meters above sea level. If you want a demanding mission for trekking in Karen State, Mount Zwegapin would be a perfect match for you. Climbing up the mountain will take around 2 hours but it will be a bit challenging because the route is unpredictable and there are only a few hand rails.

Taung Win Mountain

It is a place for soft hiking and trekking. It will take lesser time than Mt. Zwegabin to climb up. So, that will be just a piece of cake for usual trekkers. For the beginners, you should try at least once because the scenic view from the top of mountain will make your exhaustion fade away.

Kyauk ka lat

It eventually becomes like a photo booth for both local and international travellers. It is located a few miles away from Hpa-an city but it is worth visiting for its unique structure and pleasant surroundings.

Blue Lake

A few miles away from Hpa-an city, there is a blue lake called Loon Nya (in Myanmar). The blue color is vague but the view around the lake is the best to hide from the hot summer.

Natural Caves

There are 5 popular natural caves with some ancient Buddha statue and pagodas inside.

  • Sadan Cave
  • Kawgun Cave
  • YathaePyan Cave
  • Bayin Nyi Cave
  • Kaw Ka Thaung Cave

These caves are usually crowded with local pilgrimage travellers because of remarkable existence of the statues and beautiful nature.

Chit Thu Myaing

It is a resort near Hpa-an city with beautiful park and also amusement center in it. When you are tired of going around the mountains, caves and landscapes, it is the best place to relax.

Night Market

When you go to a new country or new destination, trying their local food is a must. Then, Hpa –an Night Market would be the best to fulfill your hungry stomach.