Mawlamyaing Attractions

Win Sein Tawya

The largest reclining Buddha in the world which is 30 meters in height and meters in length can be seen at Win Sein Tawya.

Maha Myatmuni Pagoda

It is a replica of Maha Myatmuni Pagoda in Mandalay. After the annexation, the prominent Queen of King Mindon left Mandalay and went to Mawlamyine to live. She and her fellow felt longing for the Maha Myatmuni Pagoda so they arranged to build a replica in 1904.

Kyaikthanlan Pagoda

It is the famous pagoda in Mawlamyine which is enshrined with Buddha’s hair relic, tipitaka manual scripts and golden buddha images. The pagoda was established in 875 AD and successive kings extended the height of the pagoda from 56 feet to 150 feet.

Mon Cultural Museum

The museum was established in 1955 and is formerly called Mon Ethnic Cultural Museum. It displays traditional costumes, Buddhist artifacts, sculptures, palm-leaf manuscript handicrafts, bronzeware, silverware, coins and figurines of the ethnic Mon people who founded one of the earliest civilisations in Mainland Southeast Asia.