Monywa Attractions

Monywa is a destination for those who would like to learn Myanmar religion and archaeology.

Thambuddhe Pagoda

It was built in 1303 but reconstructed in 1939. It has the different architectural designs from the other temples in Myanmar including the color and the guards at the front of the temples are white elephants instead of mythical lions.

Maha Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Sekkya

It is famous for the giant standing Buddha statue which is the third tallest in the world and also a thousand Bodhi trees. There is also a sitting Buddha statue under construction which is expected to be the largest statue in the world.                                                                                                                               

Phowin Hill

It is located on the west bank of Chindwin River. It will take around 20 minutes to walk up the hill. It has over 900 sandstone caves filled with well-preserved statue and mural paintings dating back to 14th to 18th centuries.

Htan ta Loke stream

It is one of the popular picnic spots in Kyaukka Village. It will feel good to take a bath in the stream surrounded by shady trees.

Shwe Gu Ni Pagoda

The 33 m high Buddha image stuck with gold foil which is dating back to the 14th century.

Kyaukka village

It is a big village which is famous for its black lacquerware. In Myanmar, we call it “Kyaukka ware”.

Nearby Attractions

There are other attractions in Sagaing Region and most of them are related to religion.

Alaung Taw Kathapa

It is situated in Sagaing Region and established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 and as a national park in 1984. Now, it is the largest national park in Myanmar.

Sagaing Hill

It will be a wise choice if you want to get out of the crowded city life. There are over 600 monasteries where you can meditate and learn Buddha’s sayings.