Pyin Oo Lwin

Pyin Oo Lwin

Myanmar people say Pyin Oo Lwin is like a foreign city because of its pleasant weather, building styles and it looks much cleaner than the other cities.

Pyin Oo Lwin Attractions

Maha Ent Htoo Kan Thar

The history says that there were three marble buddha images sculpted in Mandalay and planned to transport to China. But on the journey, one of the Buddha images fell down and couldn’t be reloaded on the truck because of its weight. So, it was left behind and the other two were taken to China.The Buddhist monk sat there preaching the locals and reciting Buddha teachings for 7 days, then it was easily lifted and local people built a pagoda as an offering to Buddha.

National Kan Taw Gyi Botanical Gardens

It was first established in 1915 as Maymyo Botanical Garden and in 1942, the Ministry of Forestry designated the garden as a protected forest area and renamed it Kandawgyi National Garden. The Botanical Garden has over 500 species of trees, rare species of roses, orchids and medicinal plants.There are three museums in Kan Taw Gyi Garden.

Fossil Museum - fossils of mammals

Petrified Wood Museum - fossils of plants, colorful stones

Butterfly Museum - various species of butterflies

B.E Waterfall

This waterfall is known with different names, B.E Waterfall or Pwe Kauk Waterfall and in British times, it was also called Hampshire Fall. It is visited by both locals and international travellers as it is the most famous one in Pyin Oo Lwin. You can play with water in the shallow area and if you want to buy some sweaters, local wine or other souvenirs, there are shops around the waterfall.

December Garden

It will be a great choice as your stop to have lunch. You can have delicious meals made with fresh produce from organic farms. It is not just a restaurant, you can see farms and even various types of animals. If you want some fresh drink, you can even pluck your strawberries from the farm.

Pate Chin Myaung Cave

It is a  limestone cave from 230 million or 310 millions years ago. It is named as “Pate Chin Myaung Cave” because there are plenty of Pate Chin plants growing near the caves. Before the cave, there is a multilayer waterfall. It is a small one so you can play or take photos in the shallow water. Inside the cave, there are Buddha images and underground springs flowing from every direction. People often take the water flowing from the walls because of belief that it can cure some diseases.