Transportation in Myanmar

Transportation in Myanmar

There are four main transportations to travel from city to city. You can choose your transport mode depending on your time and how much do you want to spend.


Flight transportation is the fastest transport mode in Myanmar although it is a bit pricey. The major airports for tourist are Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Heho, Myitkyina, Thandwe and Myeik. Of course, there are alternatives if you have enough time. But if you want to go Myitkyina, Thandwe and Myeik, I would suggest to choose because other transport will take a long hour and very tiring.


Bus will be the best option to travel in Myanmar if you are not rushing. It can save money and take lesser time than the train. And, you can go to the nearest location of every destination by bus. Comfy is also not that bad and some buses provide snack and juice, but I would suggest to choose VIP class if you are tall or want more space in your seat.


The train transportation is the best for the trip to Shan State because you can see the wonderful sightseeing starting from Thazi station. Train to Bagan is a good one, too, but the train shouldn't be chose for other destination unless you are plenty of time. Some destinations take even more than a day. If you want train experience and don’t have enough time, just hop on Yangon Circular train. It is very cheap and takes only a few hours.


The last one is ferry which is very popular especially in Bagan areas. The ferry usually goes between Mandalay, Sagaing, Bagan and Yadabo(The Pottery Village) and it is pretty expensive. So, it will be suitable for the luxury travelers who like to explore Myanmar from the river and experience beautiful sunset from the cruise. If you don’t want to spend much money but still want to experience sunset, you can take sunset cruise from Bagan Bupaya at the affordable price. You can even get it free if you buy Bagan Bus Ticket from

Public Transportation

Public Transportation is convenient in the crowded city like Yangon because there is a lot to choose from, taxi, circular train or bus. In Bagan, you can get a E-bike or hire a horse-cart for sight-seeing. In Mandalay, may be you can hire a motorcycle but I would suggest not to drive yourself. The road is heavily loaded with locals’ bikes so, it will be dangerous for you. Private car rental will be a better option than getting  on a random bikes in other cities.