Walking around Bagan

Walking around Bagan

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to the age of kingdoms? Well, a trip to Bagan is what you’re looking for. As an ancient city and former capital of the Pagan Kingdom, Bagan is a timeless destination you won’t want to miss out on!

Sights to See


The Ananda Temple and Thatbyinnyu Temples are historic, architectural masterpieces crucial to Bagan. Walk through the corridors and view the various Buddha statues they house, ranging from towering standing Buddhas to small-scale ones incorporated into the walls.


  • Shwezigon Pagoda

Legends say the bone and tooth of the Buddha are enshrined within this bell-shaped stupa. Walk around and view the various inscriptions and fine masonry of the Jataka tales and various deities.

  • Bupaya Pagoda

Named for its unique shape (bu means gourd or pumpkin in Burmese), this pagoda makes up part of the magnificent Ayeyarwaddy River horizon.

  • Shwesandaw Pagoda

Enshrined within this pagoda are strands of the Buddha’s hair. This pagoda features 5 terraces and a bejeweled htee (umbrella).

Hot Air Balloon Ride

You’ve probably seen stock photos of Bagan’s iconic temples taken from the sky; now you can experience it with your own eyes! If you’re visiting during ballooning season (October to April), make sure to take a stunning journey through the clouds at sunrise.

Nyaung U Market

Also known as Mani Sithu Market, you can browse and purchase unique regional products, ranging from fresh fruit to rattan handicrafts to colorful longyis.

Bagan Archaeological Museum

Bagan’s sole museum is approximately a thousand years old and has various artifacts found nowhere else in the world on display.

Eats to Enjoy

The Moon Restaurant (Be Kind to Animals)

Established in 1994, this restaurant offers a large variety of vegetarian dishes at an affordable price point! Try their aubergine curry and vegetable tempura.

Khaing Shwe Wah

This vegetarian joint is known for their great service and ambience; you’ll enjoy friendly waitstaff and complimentary dessert here. Don’t miss out on their vegetable spring rolls and mango salad!

7 Sisters Restaurant

This restaurant’s beautifully built and furnished premises can be spotted from far away. Order their tea leaf salad and one of their spicy seafood curries with a tall glass of beer for a relaxing dinner!

Yar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant

Another great option for fresh and delicious vegetarian fare! Make sure to try their homemade guacamole and papalas as well as a couple different curries with rice.

Shwe Ou Food Garden

If you ever start craving a cool dessert in the hot weather, stop by Shwe Ou. Their selection of homemade ice creams and cheesecakes are popular sweet treats alongside their main dishes!

Getting to Bagan

By plane

There are 10+ scheduled flights daily that can take you from the domestic terminal at Yangon International Airport to Nyaung U Airport (Approx. 1 hour 30 mins). Nyaung U Airport does not support international flights yet.

From there, you can book a taxi to your destination.

By bus

There are numerous scheduled buses daily that can take you from Aung Mingalar Bus Station to Bagan Shwe Pyi Bus Station (Approx. 9 hours).

From there, you can book a taxi to your destination.

By train

There are several scheduled trains daily that can take you from Yangon Central Railway Station to Bagan Railway Station (Approx. 17 hours 30 mins).

From there, you can book a taxi to your destination.

Getting Around

Due to its archaeological zone, Bagan is a great city to experience up close. We recommend renting an electric bike (e-bike) for convenient transportation between temple sites. E-bikes are easy to maneuver and there are rental shops located everywhere across the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a horse cart driven by an experienced guide along the dusty roads. For those traveling in large groups or who prefer comfort and wouldn’t mind paying a higher price, you can rent a chauffeured, air-conditioned vehicle for your travels.


Most of Bagan’s accommodations are local establishments, ranging from cozy hostels to luxurious resorts. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose whether you’d like to stay in Nyaung U (located near the airport), Old Bagan (located near the temples), or New Bagan (located in the city). Contact us for more information and assistance on finding a place to stay in Bagan!

Bagan is a historic and scenic city with many stories of old Myanmar. You can appreciate ancient architecture, beautiful sunrises and sunsets in a city untouched by time and tourism. When you visit Myanmar, don’t forget to stop by Bagan!